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Goals and rules

The instance has multiple goals, the most important of all being making everyone on here feel as safe as possible. Other goals include letting users manage their social life easily and securely, making this instance a nice community with a shared expression space, and making the fediverse better.
As such, we have a few rules we'd like everyone on the instance to follow:
  • Acting in any of the following ways will get you immediately suspended
    • Posting ableist, LGBTQIA+-phobic, whorephobic, sexist, racist, antisemitic, and islamophobic content. You can still discuss such topics, by including a CW, quotes, and a context
    • Making public, by screen-capping or copying, private or direct messages that the author didn't want made public
    • Taking part in targeted harassment
    • Posting spam, advertisement for a commercial product, etc
    • Being a techbro, Voldemort or Richard Matthew Stallman
  • Acting in any of the following ways will get your post deleted and you'll get a warning. After three warnings, you'll be suspended.
    • Posting pornographic images/videos or nude pictures without marking them NSFW, or posting them on the public timeline
    • Being clearly disrespectful towards another user
    • Being an asshole
Right now, the only admin and moderator is @mathilde. This might change in the future, and will be reflected on this page. Please report any content breaking the rules highlighted on this page using the report function. We don't hesitate to moderate posts, to silence and/or suspend users, local or remote, and instances. In France we like to think of this as "Censure Communautariste".
You can find an up-to-date list of blocked domains on the dedicated page: https://mental.af/blocklist.html.

More infos

"Goals and rules" are largely taken from @wxcafe's instance: https://social.wxcafe.net/about/more, many thanks to they.


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