i wish i were where being happy happens, where i can close my eyes and finally, when it stops, remain calm

i wish i were where all computers are long dead, where i love and i am loved and the deadly suffering has been defeated

i wish I were where the carrots takes nap on the huge trees, where i can harvest the moon on the wet rocks and drink the cold sirup from the glowing apples

C A N A L I S E Z L E S G A U C H I S T E S OU J E N E V A I S P A S T E N I R J U S Q U ห‹ ร€ D I M A N C H E ๐Ÿ’€๐ŸŒธ

@Gattogateaux they are known islamophobic folks, like many marxists who doesnโ€™t care about anything else than class struggle. There is no ยซย goodย ยป choice in votes, please donโ€™t share their stuff.

S'il vous plaรฎt arrรชtez avec vos trucs d'รฉlections europรฉennes de merde lร , j'en peux plus de voir ces islamophobes de Lutte Ouvriรจre dans ma timeline publique.

ร€ chaque fois qu'il y a des รฉlections les geeks se remettent ร  parler de ces nazes du , c'est barbant.

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the trolley problem but on one track is Framasoft and on the other is Purism ๐ŸšŽ

imagine if bees simply ate us. all the problems would be solved

Les fuites d'eau qui coulent des cรขbles รฉlectriques ร  Gare du Nord me rappellent รฉtrangement les fuites mรฉmoires des librairies JavaScript, sauf que l'eau, ร  un moment elle sรจche et s'รฉvapore, alors que les fuites mรฉmoires dans une application Node, รงa requiert de reboot.

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