Do you want to see formatted content in Mastodon?

Please boost.

@mathias I think I would not use any of these if that became a thing (and quietly scorn people that did use them)

@mathias Removing the ability to put words in between stars without applying formatting? Removing the ability to just post some code snippets? No thanks, I want it to come out on the other side like I typed it; I want plain text.

@mathias i'd rather see formatted content than broken [ ascii boxes ] [] [] []
@mathias Yes, if it's **limited** to a subset of what markdown provides. Meaning _only_ embolden, italicise, strike through and potentially inline code.

Given the format of Mastodon/Pleroma clients having tables or inline images other than those provided by custom emoji doesn't make sense.

Currently people _do_ use formatting in their content, either like I am here, or by using italicised unicode glyphs.

The unicode glyph method is not very screen reader friendly with those I have tested simply reading out the name of each glyph as it comes across them e.g "mathematical italic small f".

TL;DR Yes; if limited. (also beyond aforementioned improvement to accessibility, I don't really care.)
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